Please download a copy of the Grants for the Arts Eligibility Criteria and General Information before beginning the application.

Download the Application Checklist and Supplement

Applications are available in both Microsoft Word and PDF formats.
The PDF form is fillable and requires Adobe Acrobat to open.

Parades and Annual Celebrations Application Checklist and Supplement (Word Document MS Word)

Parades and Annual Celebrations Application Checklist and Supplement (PDF Document PDF)

INSTRUCTIONS on using PDF fill-in forms

In order to use the PDF application, you will need to download the free Adobe Reader program, which is available here.


Completing the form on your computer

It is important to do a test save on your fillable form first!

  1. Fill out the form, using the mouse or tab key to move between fields

  2. Choose File and Print, or click on the Printer icon

  3. In the Print dialog box, make sure that the print as image, shrink oversized pages to paper size and expand small pages to paper size options are checked, choose the printer you want to print to, then click OK; the form will print out on your printer.

Entering Information in Word

You now have the document resident on your computer as a Word file with password protected fields you may now in. Each field is of limited space; do not enter so much information that it cannot fit into the field. Move in the document by clicking the mouse in an open blank or by using the arrow, enter or tab keys. Abbreviate when information will not fit in the space provided. Editing lengthy amounts of text can be cumbersome in this format. For the narrative portions in our application, you will need to compose your answer on a separate document.

Printing the Application Supplement

Once you are done entering the information, simply print it out and attach the necessary narrative and additional attachments. You may encounter a message while printing that the print area is larger than printable margins. Just press ok, and printing will continue without a problem.

Submitting the Application

When you have completed printing your completed application supplement, go over the Application Checklist and ensure you have all of the necessary attachments. Submit the whole package, including the California Cultural Data Project Funder Report, to us by December 4, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. Again, we will only accept hard copy submissions of our application.

New applicants are strongly encouraged to inform Grants for the Arts of any upcoming performances or exhibitions so that staff will have the opportunity to perform a site visit.

If you have difficulty downloading the application, we can email it to you. Please call the GFTA staff at 415.554.6710 to request this option.