Welcome to the Grants for the Arts
2014/2015 online applications

GFTA has two types of applications:
(1) Performing, Visual, Media, & Literary Arts and
(2) Annual Celebrations & Parades.

The 2014/15 application consists of two elements: (1) a Funder's Report generated by the California Cultural Data Project and (2) an application supplement. More information on the California CDP is available at www.caculturaldata.org. Application supplements can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link to the left.

We have provided an outline to help guide you to which application is most appropriate for your organization. Please read and follow all instructions carefully. We will not accept applications returned to us via email, fax or on disc. Only a hard copy will be accepted in our office by the deadline.

The deadline for 2014/2015 grant applications is:
Friday, February 14, 2014 at 5:00pm. 
City Hall, Room 347 
San Francisco, CA 94102

Late Application Policy: please read carefully.

Completed applications must be received in City Hall, Room 347, San Francisco, CA 94102 by the deadline. If mailing an application, please allow at least one week for delivery. It is suggested that if mailing, you send your application via certified mail, return receipt requested. To insure timely receipt of the application, hand delivery is best.

Late applications will not be accepted from groups that currently do not receive GFTA general operating funds. All materials listed on the Application Checklist must be included with your application.

Late applications from current GFTA recipients received after February 14 and by February 21 will be assessed a 10% penalty if funded. Applications received after February 21 will not be considered for review. Faxed or emailed copies will not be accepted.

If you have any questions at all about which application you should complete or about the late information policy, please call the Grants for the Arts office at 415.554.6710.

Early Deadline Policy

Any complete application submitted by Friday, January 31, 2014, will receive a cursory review by GFTA staff. This review is solely to verify if all of the required application materials are included. GFTA staff will notify the applicant by Friday, February 7, if the application was found incomplete. Any missing materials must then be submitted by the final deadline to avoid a penalty.

Due to staff constraints, applications received after January 31 will not receive an early review.

For New Applicants Only

We strongly encourage you to inform Grants for the Arts staff of your upcoming performances and exhibitions. No new applicant will be considered for funding unless it has received a site visit from staff or a designated representative.

For more information click here for our FAQs page. If you know which application you need and have no questions, go straight to the download page by clicking on the appropriate category link in the column to the left.